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Lightphaser project was initiated by Joseph Gogh around 1998. First music inspirations came from the EBM music scene and from video game soundtracks. At that time a personal computer was the only tool for composing. However, due to unavailable resources the project was put on hold for an indefinite time.

After some years of rest it was restarted in 2008 with a new single Falling Horizon. Soon a new album called Flashback was produced by the summer of 2009. The Flashback got self-released in January of 2010, that actually was the first official release. The sound got spiced up with chill-out elements, though the main emphasis is still on experiments of different sound schemes mixed with industrial elements.

Meanwhile, in summer of 2009 an earlier unreleased track called The Last Game got featured on Electro Arc label's compilation album "Net.Ware Twist of Fate" along with several other EBM/electro bands and later the "Out of Time" from Flashback appeared on the 5th album "Victory Monuments" from the Electro Arc's "Net.Ware" series.

Eternity was self-released in February of 2011, that is actually a remix EP including several reworked songs from Flashback. It is a limited edition of 111 pieces of hard copy CDs and at the same time it was published on the official site as a free downloadable MP3 package.

"New Tone", a full length album containing 10 instrumental tracks was released in 2013 by Electro Arc as a digital download MP3 only. The sound got shifted towards lighter electronica dominated by atmospheric and futuristic melodies. The album is available for purchase at various portals worldwide.

In year 2016 the "Mysteries of Mind" was self-released as digital-only, an EP containing 5 songs featuring Timea Göghova on vocals. The second track Falling Horizon, after producing its vocal version just became the most remixed track ranging from instrumental to soundtrack versions. The third track Storm was originally an instrumental, part of a yet unreleased full-length album. Music video was produced for the first track Fly Further, which also got a Radio Edit version as free promo download. EP is available for purchase at various digital stores including Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

A free game "Spacewolf" for Android platform was self-developed and published on Google Play Store. Based on the original tracks of album New Tone, 5 soundtracks were produced for it in year 2017. Later, these soundtracks were followed up with another 5 remixes from selected tracks, which led to the birth of a remix album called Mix Tone. Along with the game soundtracks it was released at the end of 2018 as digital-only self-release. Promo video was produced for the game featuring the track Revelations (Second Thought). Album is available for purchase at various digital stores.

In year 2019 a soundtrack EP called "Eternity Time Warped" was produced, featuring reworked and remastered tracks from EP Eternity. It is a collection of 7 looped music tracks in genre Electro / IDM suitable for games as in-game / background music. Exclusively available in Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace only.

The newest release is a 2-track EP called "Follow Your Heart / Interweaved Destinies", featuring vocal samples of Timea Goghova. This EP goes into a new direction experimenting with chillout, trance and progressive house styles. EP is available for purchase at various digital stores.
"Der Ungar hat in seinem Repertoire eine große Auswahl an elektronischer Musik, die es in sich hat und nur schwer auf eine Richtung zu beschränken ist. So sind manche Tracks spacig und mit heiteren Melodien bestückt, die anderen Stücke aber auch schon mal mit der härte von EBM versehen."
"A csendesebb, nyugodtabb elektronikát kedvelőknek mindenképpen ajánlott! Ambient, chill out, IDM koktél."
Alan The Wild - Alan The Wild Blog
"Overall, the material on offer in 'Eternity' is of excellent quality, displaying great talent from this independent Industrial artist, a fitting example which many in the field could aspire to."
"On a route to light to mid-weight rhythm electronica, Joseph Gogh proposes his own project Lightphaser with a quality sequence of tracks that showcase his penchant and talent for spacey atmospheres, upbeat rhythms, and a wink or two to quality EBM."
Gianfranco Sciacca - Darklife
"In conclusion, this is a very cool release with a lot of sonic variety. ...
'Falling Horizon', 'Eternity' and 'Control' being particularly good tracks. Definitely worth checking out."
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K.
"De meeste nummers bevatten eigentijds spacey beeps die je het gevoel geven dat
je op één of andere dolle kermisattractie bent belandt en waarbij de soundtrack
één of andere aflevering van 'Battlestar Galactica' is."
Didier Becu - Dark Entries